Frequently Asked Questions

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No, our IPL is 100% safe and pain-free! It's described as a warm sensation. The higher levels will feel more intense but nevertheless, it's not painful!

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) laser hair removal is a safe, non-invasive treatment that permanently reduces the number of regrowing hairs. It targets certain pigments in your hair, making it effective even for the darkest hair. 

PRO® IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset uses 990,000 light pulses to damage hair follicles and impair their ability to grow hair. The handset effectively eliminates the damaged hair follicles for long-term results.  

  • Clinical Grade Technology - You can achieve safe and pain-free hair removal at home.
  • Automatic Skintone Selection - Suitable for all skin tones and hair thicknesses. 
  • Best for Your Whole Body - You can do any part of your body, including your Face and Brazilian, in just minutes. 
  • No Hidden Costs - No need for replacements or refills, ever.
  • Affordable - If saving money on your salon trips wasn’t enough, this is also the most affordable IPL device in the market. 
  • Quick and Permanent - Get rid of unwanted hair permanently in just weeks!

1 week after shaving, with no IPL use VS 12 weeks of IPL use (1 session per week)


For permanent hair removal, the suggested use is 1 x weekly, for 12 weeks. After this, you will only need to do a maintenance session every couple of months.